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Free omnisphere bundle from peter james multitracks. Soundset contains 45 cinematic patches, including different patch categories, from pulsating arps to textures and pads. Applications spectrasonics omnisphere patch library update v2. Worship essentials for omnisphere includes 40 patches that abel mendoza created and used over the past few years live in churches and also for recording. This library requires an authorized and working copy of omnisphere 1 or 2. And i do have nexus and it is very capable, but it doesnt have anywhere near the depth of omnisphere. Now open omnisphere and click on the button at the bottom of omnisphere s patch browser and multi browser page to refresh your patch multi list.

My pc can definitely run it since it is an i7 7700hq, 16 gb ram 256 gb ssd. Fusing progressive with full on psytrance this breathtaking collection of presets includes evolving pads, spiritual fx, pounding bass, mesmeric arps, power leads and mystical sequences. Chordal ticking trance chuckling melodica chunkometrics 1 chunkometrics 2 cinematic chugger cinematic noise ladder cineperc 1. No stone has been left unturned within omnisphere psytrance presets 2. The soundset contains 128 presets, 25 multis and 70 soundsources. The instalment of omnisphere 2 saw a vast range of new possibilities including over 400 new dsp waveforms, 3,000 new patches and soundscapes and an audio import option, allowing users to import their. Omnisphere symmetry is the first soundset by midissonance for spectrasonics power synth omnisphere 2, containing 128 patches. Each hardware profile has a corresponding set of sounds in the hardware library which were specially designed using that hardware synth as an omnisphere controller. These are all sounds using stock omnisphere presets that peter has used on hillsong worship and hillsong united albums over the years. Nexus2 is great and has some super pads, arps, and plucks. Majority of omnisphere signalo patches were created for a collaboration with bafta and ivor novello nominated composer david housden for a custom project.

Omnisphere,rmx patches and settings disapear after. This awardwinning software brings many different types of synthesis together into. It just gives you such an ability to make every sound guitars, pianos, synths, pads much juicier, diverse and deep as opposed to something like, say, kontakt andor serum. Tutorial spectrasonics omnisphere making your own trance. Creating aggressive sounds with omnisphere 2 youtube. Best third party patches for omnisphere 2 20170418 16. Take a look at our range of expansion packs for your spectrasonics omnisphere 2 including awardwinning collections from the unfinished, ilio, sound dust, audiority and more. Installation is now complete and these patches, multis and fxs should show up in omnisphere as seen in the picture examples that follow. Triple spiral audio dreamer for spectrasonics omnisphere 2 size. Tried a bunch of trillian patches but nothing is clean, round and just pushing sub. I have omnisphere 2 and it came with omnisphere libary, atmosphere libary, edm library now omnisphere library is great before people tell me to go search vun deeper, they all are actually but edm i dont really like i need more mellow sounds you know. Zenhiser, omnisphere psytrance presets vol 2, synth.

Omnisphere acts as a multirack instrument, allowing you to load 8 patches per instance. Hes added effects and tweaked the patches to make them his own. Installing omnisphere patches from peter james all articles. Omnisphere is amazing for creating hybrid organicsynthetic patches, using elements of virtual analog synthesis mixes seamlessly with elements of acoustic sampling. Omnisphere modern edm is a fresh soundbank for spectrasonics omnisphere, featuring 100 new sounds for modern club music including electro house, dubstep, complextro, fidget house and much more. The big difference with this library is the inclusion of over 90 soundsources for the drum sounds and for the textures which in many cases are created from airwave recordings that have been heavily processed and designed to make jaw.

Unfortunately moving to cubase pro 8 steiny no longer supports it. For added inspiration 201 psytrance audio stems have been included delivering a huge source of inspiration when combined with the raw power of omnisphere s psytrance presets. Best third party patches for omnisphere 2 cakewalk forums. Omnisphere expansion packs add to your sound design. Drum vault topaz omnisphere bank drum vault topaz omnisphere bank tron drops another set of musthave patches and hes here to show off whats inside of the topaz omnisphere bank 60 omnisphere patches 5 arps, 3 bas 11 bells 5 bell pads 2 guitars 10 keys 3 leads 2 organs 11 pads 8. Omnisphere is the flagship synthesizer of spectrasonics an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. Omnisphere signalo is a soundset for spectrasonics power synth omnisphere 2. Published on feb 24, 2016 want to add some more attitude to your sound. Spectrasonics omnisphere is debatably one of the most advanced steps in virtual synthesis so far and has been referred to as the king of software synths. Open omnisphere, click on the utility menu and select install. To help celebrate the release of omnisphere 2, were releasing a free bundle of sounds by peter james, omni worship patches.

Imo, its one of its selling points id suggest watching some youtube vids by plugin guru where he talks about designing his patches for omnisphere using multi mode. Ive been thinking of buying sylenth 1 or omnisphere. Founded in 1994, spectrasonics is a leading innovator of worldclass, awardwinning virtual instrument software plugins, used by the top recording artists, producers, remixers and film composers on the planet. Creating a huge trance pad in omnisphere 2 youtube. This video shows how to create aggressive sounds using the new dsp waveforms, shaper and modulated effects in omnisphere 2. Omnisphere,rmx patches and settings disapear after reopening project i had this problem happen few times to me, so i think theres something going on here sometimes i open a project, and all the settings patches i chose, levels, fx sends are gone, its like opening a brand new project. Download was added 4 years ago in the software download category.

All presets within the pack are compatible with spectrasonics omnisphere synth only, using version 2. I dont have exact links but i believe they were these ones i used. Introducing our first soundset for omnisphere 2joseph hollo has spent months creating this great soundset and we are truly excited to present you the. Kreaturesque is over 380 patches of vocal phrases and single note samples in all sorts of interesting directions. Just as an fyi, here are all the omnisphere 2 packages available. Put the folder in \steam\ omnisphere \settings library\ patches and just refresh omnisphere. This awardwinning plugin brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazingsounding instrument that will inspire a lifetime of exploration. When you hear omnisphere 2 cranking out these massive grooves in your studio, make sure you have a chair close by to catch you. If you were to compare the two on the sheer number of included sounds then yes they are pretty close but for sound design, omnisphere wins hands down.

Over 80 bonus patches included with the omnisphere 2. Pluginguru releases airwave vol 2 technotrance patches. Need a good all around sub bass in omni 2 or zeb hz. So im looking into buying a new vst for fl studio 12. A range of styles and genres are offered to give you more options. Fixes issue where some knobs could fail to appear on gui after loading keyscape patch bug present only on macos 10. Omnisphere 2 is slow as heck so i just got omnisphere 2 and it is super slow.

Vocalist kathie talbot a dear friend of mine with an amazing voice created amazing single track as well as multitracked held out vowles as well as phrases in latin. Which vst synthetizers are the best to create trance music. Omnisphere fantasia organic bells 1 organic bells 2 organic orbit otherworldly toy piano. Top artists all over the world rely on omnisphere as an essential source of sonic inspiration. I have used nuendos monoloque sub bass for a few years and loved it. However, its a truly gigantic beast of a synth, and if you dont find what you want right away, it might take you some time and a lot of hard work to figure out how to tweak it to. It has been 18 months since the release of airwave vol 1 and were thrilled to be able to bring to you airwave vol 2. Omnisphere 2s factory sample does not have any brass patches or samples so these will be useful to many different genres of music. Demo video of me playing some of the 100 cinematic ambient patches included in my new halcyon for omnisphere library.

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